The CapX2020 Project is the largest transmission power line project in the history of our region. CapX2020 is a joint initiative of eleven transmission-owning utilities in Minnesota and the surrounding region to expand the electric transmission grid. Approximately 650 miles of transmission lines will be built in phases. For map locations, click here. The CapX 2020 transmission line consortium will acquire by negotiation or condemnation utility easements across thousands of parcels of private land. For more information, see: the CapX2020 proposed transmission project fact sheets.

The Malkerson Gunn Martin CapX2020 condemnation team is uniquely qualified to represent the interests of property owners in the powerline condemnation process. The MGM team consists of Bruce Malkerson, Rod Krass, and Brad Gunn. Collectively, these attorneys have over 110 years of condemnation experience. The MGM CapX2020 condemnation team is in various stages of representation of property owners throughout the project area. You may contact any of the MGM CapX2020 attorneys below:

Bruce Malkerson (612) 344.1699

Rod Krass (612) 455.6630

Brad Gunn (612) 455.6640