Commercial Litigation

Malkerson Gunn Martin LLP has very broad expertise in commercial litigation.  This includes partnership and small entity disputes and breakups, business torts involving claims of improper conduct in business transactions, fraud, claims of negligent misrepresentation, interferences with contractual or economic relations, as well as bad faith and unfair dealing.  Our lawyers handle numerous cases involving commercial contracts in a wide range of areas such as the purchase and sale of businesses, contracts for the sale or development of intellectual property, construction contracts, and cases under the Uniform Commercial Code, including contracts for the sale of goods, loan transactions, and banking disputes.

We also handle cases of professional liability, including hospital, medical, legal, accounting, and architectural and engineering-related claims.  We represent clients in all types of litigation involving real property, including leases, contracts for the purchase and sale of real property, quiet title actions and Torrens applications.  We also handle the negotiation, mediation, arbitration and litigation of franchise disputes involving or between franchisors and franchisees.